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Norberto Tongoy

"For anyone thinking about doing the Mentorship Program just book it now! You are guaranteed to learn so much and be inspired. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Marea Reed

"It was exactly what I needed. Not only was it a practical session in creating visual consistency and how to do it, but great validation of the path I am on.”

Izz Segar

“Paul has an amazing gift to upskill his students. His technique allows them to dive deep within to wake up a part of themselves that enables them to express and pull out the best from their creative minds.”


Exhibition Call Out - Things I Wanted To Say But Never Did

  We are inviting artists to respond to the title for a group exhibition at Contact Sheet. The theme is open to interpretation and we are accepting any medium. We welcome everything from photography, sculpture, installations to written pieces.  Submission requirements. You may send up to 3 pieces for consideration. These can be from a series o...
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