Developing a photographic series with industry professionals


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12-Month Mentorship Program

This program will provide support in the production of a photographic series from the ideas stage to exhibition, whilst encouraging the development of a personal practice.

For the first six months of the mentorship, assignments will be set based around the photographic fundamentals. These assignments are designed to ensure that a strong foundation is built for the final photographic project. Particular emphasis will be placed on research and ideas development. The following six months will be spent working closely with mentors to develop the project through personalised assignments.

During the monthly sessions, participants will receive support and feedback from mentors on the assignments, the development of ideas and the progression of the project. In the last month of the mentorship, work will be reviewed by industry experts and prepared for exhibition. The mentorship will conclude with a group exhibition at Contact Sheet, curated by the mentors.

This is an excellent opportunity for photographers who would like to dedicate time to their practice and develop a major body of work from the ideas stage to exhibition, with the support of a diverse and highly experienced team of mentors.

The program will cover the following areas:

  • Developing a visual language and artistic practice
  • Researching and ideas generation
  • Editing, storytelling and the use of text with image
  • Producing a series of work for a specific audience/outcome
  • Presenting your work for exhibition and online galleries (website, blog etc)

The fee includes:

  • 12 months mentorship (4 hours per session)
  • An additional 4 hour curation session to prepare for the exhibition
  • 1 week gallery hire (students are expected to manage the space during the exhibition period with support from the Contact Sheet team)
  • Access to a closed Facebook group to share ongoing work with the other students

Program commencement date:

21st March 2020, 11am-3:30pm

We are happy to chat about all things photography. If you’d like to find out more about our mentorship programs or discuss which would be the most suitable, we encourage you to get in contact to arrange a free portfolio consultation. The consultations can take place in person or via Skype, they are informal (no scary interviews happen at Contact Sheet!) and are a great opportunity to find out how we can support your creative journey. We welcome photographers of all abilities and pride ourselves in providing personalised mentorship regardless of previous photographic training.


$1,650.00 AUD Incl. GST 
Includes light refreshments and a glass of wine at the end of the day.

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 Image © Karl Grenet (Previous Mentee)