We are passionate about our courses and committed to quality and excellence in the content and delivery of our programs. 
We want you to be part of our growing photographic community! 

Revenue from our paid courses goes to help support our participatory community programs. We work with a number of organisations and youth in delivering change-making photography programs. 


Why learn with us? 

To inspire our students, we offer a purpose built space that offers a relaxing, plant filled environment. Further, we treat all students as adults, each bringing their own perspectives and experiences to the course.  

We have tea, coffee, water and nibbles for all our classes. For early classes, we provide pastries, and for evening classes we provide cheese and biscuits. At the conclusion of each course we celebrate with wine, cheese and biscuits and you receive a certificate of completion.

All our mentors are experienced, qualified educators and photographers who work in the industry. Our course content is kept fresh and up to date by the contact sheet team to ensure you are not taught from out of date hand books. 

We don't say goodbye at the end

We are building a community of people passionate for photography and we want you to be part of it. Once we have completed any course we hold regular FREE catch ups.

Every two months we have a student meet up over wine and nibble, so all students from all the classes can meet each other. This provides an opportunity for students to tell our staff what you want in the future. If there is enough demand we will develop and write the course you want and deliver it for you. 

Still got questions after the completion of your course?

If after course completion you are still unsure about something, we don’t abandon you. You can book into our FREE 15 minute refresher one-on-one sessions. Yes, we will either sit down with you face to face, over Skype or call you to answer your question at no extra cost. 

Can’t afford our courses? 

We offer payment plans for all courses or if money is really tight we can look at discounts for students, seniors and others.

But please speak to us. We believe education is for all and offer a number of FREE places on all our courses for people who genuinely cannot afford to enrol.


If you are ever unsatisfied or unhappy - or want to give feedback, please call or email contact sheet Director Paul McDonald and if we can’t resolve the issue we will fully refund your course enrolment fee.