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Developing your own visual language

Photographic Language & Your Voice is about learning to see. A photograph is an emotional form of visual story telling.

A photograph is not just a technical exercise. A technically perfect exposure may not always make a great image. A photograph is light reflected off a subject and recorded on light sensitive material such as a digital sensor or film.

To make a great photograph it’s important that you become sensitive to how light works. Your greatest asset as a photographer is your authentic viewpoint. Developing your own style is what will set your images apart from the thousands of other images made every day.

Tell us your story and not the story you think we want to see. We will discuss the global language of photography and how light, colour and composition build an image. You will explore and discuss the development of historical and contemporary images to help with your understanding of the art of making photographs.

Over the duration of the workshop, you will explore different genres of photography, engage in discussions to explore the concepts of photographic language, whilst working on assignments tailor made to the group and individual. Helping you discover your own photographic voice.

4 classes - the first 3 to occur each following week.
Last class determined by the group with your tutor

$399 price is incl. GST
Limited spaces available per workshop. All workshops require a minimum number of students to run.