About us

Contact Sheet is a community-focused photography, education and consultation business that invests in artists and the community. 

We support photographers to develop their artistic or commercial practices through education, skills development and mentorship. 

We deliver, curate and manage community education and public art programs in collaboration with local councils, foundations, schools and community organisations.
  • Services for the public
    • Public exhibitions
    • Editioned artworks
    • Consultancy for home and workplace art installation
    • Community programs: Art and society
  • Services for photographers and artists 
    • Mentorship, professional development and masterclasses
    • Gallery and facilities for hire
    • Curation and installation
    • Co-working space
Mentorship and masterclass series

We deliver an engaging program of masterclasses and one-on-one mentorship options designed for photographers of all levels.

We limit the number of places in our courses so that we can provide sessions that are interactive, enjoyable and ‘hands-on’. 

We ensure that there are opportunities for all participants to receive individualised feedback. 

We use specialised photographers to teach a variety of photographic disciplines. We are uniquely placed to provide access to mentors and teachers who are leaders in their respective fields.

We also offer tailor-made programs to achieve your desired outcomes.

Community programs: Art and society 

Our community-focused programs use photography to shine a light on contemporary social issues.

We provide scholarship programs and workshops for youth and people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have a keen interest in working in the arts. 

Our scholarship programs are subsidised by the fees raised from our other activities and support from our partners including TWT Creative Precinct, Brand X, Bridging Hope Foundation and other private philanthropists and corporate sponsors. 

Additional services for photographers

We offer additional support in editing and curating for exhibition and publications, all aspects of exhibition production and installation, and advice on business development including preparing grant applications.