Ways of seeing - 6 Month Mentorship and Development Program
Understanding visual narrative and developing a body of work

Sydney - Contact Sheet 
Melbourne - The Fox Darkroom and Gallery

We are now open for applications. 

This mentorship and development program has been designed for participants who are committed, driven and wish to be challenged to achieve their creative goals. Participants should have a current body of work they wish to develop or explore as part of their photographic practice or business or have another specific desired personal or professional outcome.

As a group, each month you will be set a series of assignments. You will be expected to produce a new body of work or further develop an existing project during the program. The program will cover the following areas:

· Developing your own vision and photographic language.
· Ideas generation.
· Research and developing a series of works for a specific audience/outcome.
· Editing, storytelling, the use of text and the final presentation of your work suitable for an exhibition,
online gallery (personal or business) or blog.
· Funding and grant applications.
· Social Media strategies and planning.

The program is facilitated by Paul McDonald, Director Contact Sheet (click for bio) and will feature selected guest speakers who are experienced in all areas of photography, including personal development, running your own business, editing and exhibiting. 

You will be set targets and be given a structure to measure your progress throughout the mentorship program. Students will receive individual assignments tailored to their specific goals, in addition to group assignments.

6-month program

· Group and individual assignments
· Group and peer review and feedback
· Feedback on all work is provided in a group situation
· Access to a private Facebook Group in which students can share and discuss work with Contact Sheet staff and other students during the program

Email contact@contactsheet.com.au for further information and application process. One of our team will contact you back within one business day.  

Proposed dates of the program for Sydney and Melbourne
Please note dates can be changed with the group participants. 

Program commencement dates: 

Saturday 24th November 2018 or 
Wednesday 7th November 2018 

Sunday 25th November 2018

Email contact@contactsheet.com.au for further information. One of our team will contact you back within one business day.  

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