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The Perfect Digital Scan | Rewind Photo Lab

  • The Perfect Digital Scan | Rewind Photo Lab

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The Perfect Digital Scan | Rewind Photo Lab


How do you  convert  your film  negative into  a  digital  file  to  be  print  ready?    

In  this program you  will  first  gain  an  understanding of producing the perfect digital scan using the Hasselblad Flextight X5.  Your  mentor  Ben  Ali Ong  will  then  continue  the  process  with in Photoshop.  Here  you  will  gain  an  understanding  of  file  preparation  for  printing  on  various  paper  stocks.  You  will  learn  colour  adjustments, basic  post  production,  file manipulation helping  you  in  your  creative journey  to  achieve  the  perfect  image.    

Each  week  you  will  be  given  a  weekly  assignment  and  Rewind Photo Lab will  process  your film and provide  prints  for  group  review. 

Please  note the course cost does not include processing costs. A discount will be given to all Contact Sheet course participants on  all  services  at  Rewind  during  the program  dates. 

The program runs over three sessions each session three hours with a break. 

Session dates and times:

Saturday 6th October, 20th October and 27th October 2018. 
Session times 10am-1pm. 

This program is run in collaboration with Rewind Photo Lab . 
Rewind is a photo lab in Sydney, specialising in film processing, scanning and professional printing.

About our Mentor - Ben Ali Ong 

Ben Ali Ong is an artist working predominantly across photography, video and mixed media. Choosing to work solely in black and white, his brooding photographs are defined by their use of dream-like imagery. Often blurry, grainy and scratched – Ong’s pictorial choices appear to be made completely at random, creating a disjointed and surreal narrative. Ben has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions for over a decade and has been a finalist in many prestigious photographic awards including The Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award, The Redlands Art Prize, The Olive Cotton Photographic Prize, The Moran Photographic Prize and the Blake Prize. His work is held in numerous corporate and private collections such as the Macquarie Bank Art Collection. He has been represented by leading Gallery's such as United, Tim Olsen Galley, Boutwell Draper, and is now a part of Artereal Gallery in Sydney's line up of Represented artists. 

Ben completed a Diploma of Photography in 2004 and since then has worked full time as a Photographer, Artist, and Technician. From 2004-2017 he worked with Master Printer Warren Macris as a technician for some of Australia's leading Photo Artists and Educators, with well over a decades experience in both analogue and digital imaging. Currently he works at Rewind Photo Lab primarily as a Fine Art Inkjet Printer and Scanner.